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*singing* He’s a maaaniac, MANIAC



dammek with his hands in his hoodie flying 1000 mph through space as he passes by in alien in different colored beams: hm… well this wasnt supposed 2 happen


I can`t stop thinking about Dammek having lime blood! He started revolution. Like Sufferer! And it`s practically canon that candy blood mutated from lime blood.

If Dammek wouldn`t secretely have lime blood, I will explode!


Anonymous asked: Possible Hiveswap spoilers, so only read this after you've finished playing I guess, But what do you think about the fact that Dammek has a camera in Xefros' room? Like, what the fuck?


I’ve been seeing a lot of discourse about Dammek already so I’m glad I got this ask, haha.

I mean. It’s obviously, transparently fucked up? We know it, the narrative knows it, Joey knows it and loudly screams about it.
Dammek’s treatment of Xefros isn’t on the up and up.

This, by the way, makes perfect sense to me in a way. I don’t think this means Dammek doesn’t CARE about Xefros–I’m sure, after all, that Pa cares about Jude and Joey.
But caring alone does not make healthy relationships.&nb sp;

On a related note, Xefros has numerous references to being a Page–I’ll be making a post compiling those soon–and Pages have a recurring motif of getting pushed around and “helped” by friends who care but overstep boundaries. To me, Dammek seems like an extension of the trend–the Vriska to Xefros’ Tavros, or the Dirk/AR to his Jake, so to speak.

What their relationship will specifically look like and how it will grow and evolve, of course, is still an open question. Which gets to the heart of how I feel on the matter:

I’m seeing a lot of people say they HATE Dammek now or he’s TERRIBLE and PROBLEMATIC or whatever at this point, and that seems like…really really jumping the gun to me?
It plain old doesn’t make much sense to build up all this outrage at a character whose flaws we’re learning about here, BEFORE HE’S EVEN INTRODUCED. 

Yes, Dammek is trans parently, indisputably being an asshole. Dammek is also one of the protagonists of this duology, who will get at least four acts to grow and develop from the point where he’s being introduced. Obviously this is going to be a character trait that Dammek will have to grapple with and overcome one way or another, because that’s what good stories do: Introduce characters with flaws and challenges, put them through conflicts, and have them overcome them.

Especially since it’s not even like Dammek is like Vriska. There is legitimately and truly no future for either Xefros or Dammek that either of them want to be a part of unless Dammek succeeds at his wild ambitions, and he’s living in a fascist totalitarian hellscape, so there’s pretty good grounds for him to be as paranoid and intense as he is. Not to mention that he’s doing that while being…you know, a damn kid? 

We’re talking about a narrative where it’s altogether likely that literal genocidal maniac TRIZZA TETHIS will be redeemed, given she’s completely and utterly doomed by the system and timeline she’s in, so that people are SO pissed at Dammek for…being KIND OF A SHITTY DOUCHE at, what, 15? is…short-sighted, frankly. 

Can’t we focus on how nice it is that Xefros and Joey’s new friendship is already helping Xefros come out of that mindset? Can’t we look forward to character growth instead of being really really angry about INTRODUCTORY CHARACTER TRAITS? 

So like yeah I think it’s good to keep in mind that Dammek and Xefros aren’t the rosy best buds fanon imagined them to be. But spurring a bunch of outrage or w.e is just going to make the fandom really insufferable to deal with when they inevitably reconcile or come to new terms of behavior later, as with Dirk and Jake. I am begging to the spirits above we can avoid that grisly fate.

< p>But can we avoid fandom’s deadly addiction to outrage points? Alas, likely not. 

PS: Relatedly, I have never seen a guy be more friendzoned than Xefros blushing on that deercat in my goddamn life. The fact that people are apparently complaining that that was ‘hetbait’ is hilarious, because Joey was the one with all the gay coding in this game, and she did NOT look interested that way. Just thought I’d say that too while I’m here. 

Love post

And love comments


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interactions i’m excited for in hiveswap: conspiracy pidgeon nerd meets alien deer punk rocker.

also i just really love drawing jude’s little mullet.



my boys.




hey im like jude up in here, newspaper on the walls and all.

The highblood Dammek post is really good- and it shares some things with the limeblood theory, but idk.
anyways imma stuff the evidence here:


-Dammek’s shades in this picture. I thought I was hallucinating before but no, that colour is lime, or at least my headcanon a-bit-darker-because-of-shades limeblood colour. No idea why it&rsqu o;d be there but hey.

-Shades, shades, who else uses shades to hide their unnatural eyes? Dave, duh, but with colour filling in an extinct shade of yellowgreen, you’d want to cover your eyes too.

-Hey.. he has circular CD’s, right? Well, limebloods were said to be the best people to calm others, so it’d make sense if, oh, I dunno, Dammek snuck into some highblood’s hive and using these Calming Powers to make them Not As Pissed that he just stole a dvd of troll little mermaid.

-The swappy-lasers are red and green, Joey in the bright green (or could u say… lime) one and Dammek in the red. Joey outright states ‘yo my bloods red my dude’ (not 100% direct quote), but Dammek hasn’t so much as talked yet.


-’hey wait dammek’s a terrible moirail he’s SHIT my man’ …yeah, agreed, though most moirailegiences in homestuck start off absolute shit in the beginning (eridan only accepting because he could get closer to fef, which forced him to kill luseses and end up going on a rampage, karkat continuously insulting gamzee, equius being very, very protective of nepeta in the beginning)

-holy SHIT this boy is PARANOID!!! VERY paranoid. yeah, that could be part of being a rebellious boy but… even then, that’s WAY too much security. we all know about the 2nd entry puzzle.

-hussie confirmed we’d be getting more information on limebloods in some tweet

EDIT 1: Though Dammek’s lusus (deercat) PREFERS having bronzeblood grubs, there’s a part in the monster book thing that specifically says it can choose any caste- only it’s illegal. Very ill egal. WHY did they even include that detail??? More to the theory…. maybe THATS another reason he’s such a paranoid boy!! (thank you @sp-ace-ie for help on this one!!!!!!!!!!!)

aaanyways i’m tired and distracted so i’ll add onto this post later probably lmao

I am crying how good this theory is!!!!



my sunshine ☀️

Sweet precious boy!

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look out

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I’d prefer it if this doesn’t become a giant discourse kerfuffle, but given how the fandom’s reacted to what we know about Dammek, I feel like I should say something.

Firstly, I’m going to say that I think Dammek is a terrible moirail for Xefros. The dynamic that they’ve had is clearly not healthy, and has caused Xefros far too much stress and anxiety. As Xefros’ moirail, Dammek should be taking care of him and acknowledging his needs and concerns, just like how Xefros does for him. At this point, their moirallegiance is too unhealthy to continue.

And despite all this, I don’t think Dammek is a bad person. He’s made mistakes, and he clearly hasn’t been able to recognize or meet his moirail’s needs, but his actions around Xefro s have not been out of malice—as far as we’ve seen, he does care about Xefros, and it doesn’t look like he’s ever actually tried to hurt him. He should have recognized the effect his actions have been having on Xefros, but this was never an effect he intended—it seems he simply let the revolution distract him from what was happening to his moirail.

So I think Dammek’s certainly a flawed character, but I think he’s a good person with good intentions, and I think once we meet him this’ll become more clear.

I thought this was obvious but then I came to this site.